Your Library and SWAN


Since 1974, SWAN has been offering a wide variety of services for libraries and their patrons. The concept of SWAN is simple: every library has something unique or popular to share.
SWAN has 92 public libraries to request materials. SWAN also has collections from special and unique libraries such as the Sterling Morton Library at the Morton Arboretum, National University of Health Sciences, and The Theosophical Society in America.
It will work at all libraries in the SWAN network.
  • You can search your home library or all SWAN libraries.
  • Use the drop down menu to select your preference.
  • Items will display with the option to view more copies from all SWAN libraries.

  • eBooks are available in the catalog if your library subscribes to eBook services. Check with your library to see what is available to you.
    On average it takes three days for an item to arrive at your library once it's available.
    Your library can find materials for you through different resources. Contact your library or see the library links menu on the catalog page.


    Hold pick up notices are delivered via text message, email, or phone. These notices will be delivered to you soon after your hold is ready.

    See someone at your library to select which notice preference is right for you and watch this video.
    Emails are sent from We recommend allowing any email from * to be accepted by your email system.

    To update your email address associated with your library card, watch this video or see someone at your library.
    Email and print notices can be sent in English, Spanish, and Polish, with the default being English.

    If you would like Spanish or Polish, see someone at your library to select your language preference.

    Loan periods & fines

    The library where you checkout the item sets the loan rules. When you visit a different library, ask them about their loan rules.
    The library where you checkout the item sets the fines. When you visit a different library, ask them about their fines.
    Ask your library about participation in automatic renewals, details on the loan rules, and the number of renewals allowed.