Library users can select their preferred method of receiving notifications.

The following table will help you decide your preferred method of receiving notifications. Please note that notifications may not be available in all delivery methods and you will receive only one notification. You can decide which notification you want to receive by your preferred method. For example, you may like receiving Hold Pickup notification via text message, but prefer courtesy notices to come via email. You decide!  And we will want you through the process, in order.

Library Notification Types

  • Hold Pickups – notification that an item you placed on hold is ready for pickup at your library.
  • Hold Cancellations – notification that a hold you previously placed has been cancelled.
  • Overdues & Billing – notices that indicate you have items overdue and billing notices for outstanding fines and material not returned.
  • Courtesy Notices – a reminder two days before your materials are due.
  • Auto Renewals – If your library participates in auto renewals, you will be notified when materials are automatically renewed. The notification will also indicate which items could not be renewed .
Hold Pickups Text Phone Email
Hold Cancellations Email
Overdues & Billing Text Phone Postal Mail Email
Courtesy Notices Text Email
Auto Renewals Email

All notifications can be delivered via email, and some are only available via email, so verify that you have an accurate email address associated with your library account.

Text Messaging ExampleSetting Up Text Notifications

Text messages (SMS) are available for:

  • Hold Pickups
  • Overdues & Billing
  • Courtesy Notices

To sign up for text messages:

  1. Log in to “My Account” from the library catalog
  2. Select “Set Up Text Messaging”
  3. Click +Add New button (or click the phone number link if you currently have Text Messaging phone entered)
  4. Enter your phone number for receiving the messages and provide a label for the phone.
  5. Check all notices you wish to receive.
  6. Click Save

NOTE: Manual messages and General announcements indicate message sent directly to you from the library (e.g. You forgot your umbrella at the Circ Desk) or general announcements that go out to all (e.g. Water pipe break – sorry the library is temporarily closed).

SMS Text Message Setup

Set up SMS
Text messages notifications are run first, so if you select text messaging for any of the notification types listed, you will receive those notifications via text message.

Setting Up Phone Notifications

Automated phone calls are available for:

  • Hold Pickups
  • Overdues & Billing

To sign up for automated phone calls:

First check if your library participates in automated phone message notifications.

Ask a library staff member for help. They can enter your preference of phone notification in your library account record.

What to expect:

When you receive the phone call, your called ID will say “Local Library” from a toll-free number. Phone notification is provided by an automated system and not a human.

The pre-recorded call will try to reach your hone number and leave a message, or try calling up to three times if a message cannot be left.

The system only calls between the following hours:

  • Monday – Friday 10:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
  • Saturday – Sunday 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Setting Up Email Notifications

If you have an email address associated with your library account, and you have not requested Text or Automated Phone notifications, you will receive all notifications via Email. This is the preferred method of delivery, as it provides the most coverage in terms of notices.

Email notices are available for:

  • Hold Pickups and Cancellations
  • Overdues and Billing
  • Courtesy Notices
  • Auto Renewals

We recommend allowing any email from * to be accepted by your mail system. This will ensure that your email notices aren’t sent to your junk folder.

To sign up for email:

Ask a library staff member for help. Once your email address is entered, you can modify it through “My Account” settings in the library catalog.  Watch this video to learn how.

Also, email notices are also available in Spanish or Polish. Ask a library staff member to set your preferred language, if other than English.

Postal Mail

Printed email notices will be sent to the address on record, if you do not have an email address in your account.  Printed mail notices are only available for:

  • Overdues and Billing

These print notices are also available in Spanish or Polish. Ask a library staff member to set your preferred language, if other than English.

To sign up for mail:

Ask a library staff member for help updating your notification preferences and to lean more about notification options.

What to expect:

If you have a valid email address on record, overdue and billing notices will be sent via email to expedite delivery. Print notices are only set to patrons with no other means of notification.

Please be advised that mail is often delayed in delivery, which may result in you having to pay more in overdue fines. We recommend signing up for other notifications to receive timely announcements.