Find your library’s catalog to search for items at your library and the other 97 SWAN libraries. Your library card works at all SWAN libraries (as long as your library is a member of SWAN). You can also place holds on items that are checked out or at another library, and they will be delivered to your library for you to pick up.

Need help getting started? Here are tips to:

Need help managing your holds, lists, and checkouts?

Start Searching

Type any keywords into the search field to begin your search. Find to your library’s catalog to be sure you are searching everything you have access to, including any available eBooks, streaming movies, and research databases.

catalog search bar

Filter & Limit Your Results

You can narrow your search by:

  • Title – Example: This is how you lose her
  • Author – Example: Amy Poehler
  • Subject – Example: Cooking
  • Series – Example: Harry Potter 3
  • Keyword in Author headings 
    • Helpful when you’re looking for a person with a common name (e.g. John Green), or for someone who has done many things, like produced, acted and written books
    • Example: Amy Poehler actor
  • Keyword in Subject headings
    • Helpful when you want to see similar topics and narrow down
    • Example: Cooking Bread’

Some libraries will allow you to narrow by:

  • All Libraries or Your Library’s items only
  • Downloadable eBooks & Audiobooks
  • Article Search

You can also filter after you search, by using options under Limit Search Results:

Limit search results filter

If you want to see items that you can download or view online, filter by:

  • Downloadable Format
  • Vendor
  • Device

Sort Your Results

After you search, use the Sort By drop-down to sort results by publication date, title, or author.
Sort by relevance, publication date, title or author

View & Save Items

To get more information about an item, click on the title. Some items will also have recommendations.

From here you can:

  • Place a hold
  • Add to a list to check out later
  • Email
  • Print

Title of the search result

You can also copy the item’s permalink to send or save the page.

a permalink is a permanent link to an item

Place Holds

Place holds to request items that are checked out, or to have items from other libraries delivered to your home library.

  1. Select the Place Hold button from the search results.hold buttonselect action drop down menu
    • Or use the Select an Action drop-down list from the detail item description.
  2. Log in.
  3. Click Place Hold.
    • Or if your library allows you to pick up anywhere, select the library you would like your item delivered to.
  4. You will see a confirmation, click Ok to continue searching.

Download eBooks

To download an eBook:

    1. Click the Download button
  1. Select an eBook reader or format.

The eBook will begin to download.

Create Lists

When you find items while searching that you want to keep and organize, you can save them to My Lists. You can create and customize your lists, and you can print or email your lists. From My Lists, you can also place holds on items.

Add items to My Lists from your search results:

  1. Choose the Add to My Lists option on the Select an Action drop-down list
  2. If you are logged in, you will be asked what lists you want to save items to.
  3. If you are not already logged in, any items you add to will be sent to a Temporary List.

To save the items in a Temporary List:

  1. Select My Lists in the top-right area of your screen.
  2. Log in, if you are not logged in already.
  3. Select Save Temporary List from the Select An Action drop down list.
  4. Enter the name and choose Save to save the list or Cancel to go back.
    • If you log out without saving the list, the Temporary List will be cleared.

Create more specific searches and get more specific results by choosing Advanced Search on the search bar.advanced search link

  • Include exact phrases or terms under Find items that have.
  • Exclude terms under Don’t show items that have.
  • Apply combinations of limits under Additional limits, including language, title, author, subject, and library.

Once you’ve set your terms and limits, click the Advanced Search buttonadvanced search button

Note: While there are many options to limit your search, if you select too many, your search may not return any results at all.

Managing Your Holds, Lists, & Checkouts

View Your Checkouts & Renew Items

You can view your Digital Checkouts, Library Checkouts, and Checkout History in the Checkouts tab in My Account.

To renew items online

  1. Select My Account in the top-right area of your screen.
  2. Log in, if you are not logged in already
  3. Open the Checkouts tab, then open the Library Checkouts section.
  4. Select the item or items you want to renew or use the Select All option to select all your current checkouts.
  5. Choose Renew.

View & Manage Your Holds

  1. Select My Account in the top-right area of your screen.
  2. Log in, if you are not logged in already
  3. Select the Holds tab
  4. If you have holds available to pick up, you will see an alert.

Cancel Holds

If you no longer wish to have an item on hold, you can cancel those items on hold.

  1. Select My Account, expand the Library Holds section.
  2. Check Select All or choose the individual item to cancel by checking the checkbox next to the item.
  3. If you see an exclamation mark to the left of the checkbox, that item is available and waiting for pick up. You can still cancel these and the library will return them to the shelf or to the next person waiting.Select Holds to Cancel

  4. Once the checkbox of the item(s) is selected, click the Cancel Hold(s) button. Confirm “Yes” to cancel the holds.Yes - Cancel Hold

Cancelled hold(s) will no longer appear in the list of items and a message will appear indicating that the hold was cancelled. If you have a valid email address in your library record, you will also receive a hold cancellation notice. You do not need to notify your library of this cancellation – they receive a report and move this item to the next person in line.
Cancelled Hold Message

View & Manage My Lists

Go to My Lists the top-right area of your screen to view your temporary and saved lists.

To arrange your saved lists, do one of the following:

  • Use the drag icon drag iconto drag and drop your lists in the order you want them to appear.
  • Use the Arrange By drop-down list to arrange your lists alphabetically (ascending or descending), or by the time they were created (most recent first or oldest first).

Visit your local SWAN library catalog.